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Down Syndrome Awareness

The Voice

Back in February, Team Lily ran their first marathon in Birmingham, Alabama, at the Mercedes Marathon.  There is one moment about that marathon that to this day, I have not forgotten.  It had nothing to do with the race course, … Continue reading

Enjoy the Journey

After completing our first marathon last weekend at the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, I couldn’t help but take in the lessons one can learn from from running a marathon that coincide with raising a child with special needs.  First lesson … Continue reading

Why should you Run Up for Downs?

So you have heard people talk about this upcoming “Run Up for Downs” race and you are wondering if you should participate.  Let’s see if I can help make the decision easier for you.  For one, it’s an evening run … Continue reading

Buddy Up 3.21

One addition to the 2nd Annual Run Up for Downs will be the Buddy Up 3.21 Teams.  After the inaugural race in 2013, I realized that as much as we were preaching acceptance and inclusion…we were failing to do just … Continue reading

The “Trademark” Connection

After the inaugural Run Up for Downs in 2013, we wanted to find ways to make the 2nd Annual Run Up for Downs even better and more special.  We are ecstatic to announce that at the 2nd Annual Run Up … Continue reading

Run Past the Stereotypes

A few months ago, I received an email from a gentleman, Robert, in Virginia letting us know how his daughter was also raising awareness for Down syndrome through running.  Robert’s daughter, Elaine, has completed (as of June 30th, 2013) 19 … Continue reading

Mythbusters – Down syndrome edition

Over the last few months I have noticed a common thread in the way the media has publicized stories related to Down syndrome.  That common thread is the publishing of so called facts about Down syndrome and those living with … Continue reading

What’s in a name?

Today is a very special day for the Lape family. As of July 24, 2013, Lily is amazingly ten months old! It is incredible how quickly time has flown by. July 24th also marks another milestone. One that for the last ten years has brought upon both sadness and happiness.

Nine-Month Checkup

Lily - 9 month's old

For starters, I can’t believe my little girl has already surpassed the nine month mark!  That being said, I’m also extremely excited to share her growth statistics! When Lily was born, she was five pounds two ounces and during her … Continue reading


September 28th, 2012: “I was really hoping to have some good news to report this morning but unfortunately don’t. Genetic tests were run on Lily after she was born due to some physical characteristics she had and got the results … Continue reading